Markus Koellmann

Graphic Design, Creative Direction & Photography

Who am I?

I'm an espresso addict, who loves reggae music and 90s Hip-Hop, history and architecture. Graphic novels, games and good movies inspire me and I just love traveling the globe. My passion for design has grown from traditional media to digital platforms as well as photography, accompanied by a growing interest in coding and animation.

3 Dimensions of Prime Skills

Logo Concept & Design

I've had the pleasure, providing numerous clients in various industries with unique and qualitative logos and I'm quite quick to provide you with 3 unique concepts.

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Layout & Illustration

Traditional and digital illustrations as well as layouting of all kinds of print media are my second home - tried and tested by individuals and corporate bodies worldwide.

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Web Design

No matter if it's social media strategies, meintanance of online platforms or responsive website design that just looks neat - I speak HTML & CSS fluently.

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  • Uhuru Railway

    Photo Blog inspired by the beauty of nature captured on an adventurous journey on the TAZARA Train, complemented with a neat brand identity as well as web and social media presence.

    Politiks - Symphony Vol. 3

    Marking the third installment of German-based music producer Politiks' Symphony Series with a tailored marketing plan for pre- and post-launch including photography and cover design.

    Portfolio Item

    Silas Zephania Logo

    A new era deserves a new design. London-based Hip-Hop artist Silas Zephania was provided with a fresh logo which serves as his personal mark and is featured on the recently launched clothing brand.

  • Lusaka T-Shirt

    After spending almost three years in Zambia's capital it was time to pay homage to his second home in form of a custom-made T-Shirt collection.

    Portfolio Item

    Aasheem Logo

    Every beatmaker leaves am acoustic impression, how much more if his work is backed up by a logo that stands as a visual mark to identify his artform.

    ASRTEN T-Shirt

    A tribute to one of the most acknowledged pieces of music production gear, the legendary Ensoniq's Advanced Sampling Recorder also known as the ASR-10.

  • Monochrome in Zambia

    B&W Photography Project covering sites and impressions of Zambia - designed, executed and maintained @ and on various social media platforms.

    Portfolio Item

    Woodrock Construction Ltd.

    A marketing package including brand development and corporate identity, logo design, business cards, company profile and various sales brochures.

    Three Thousand T-Shirt

    A second round of illustrated MPC shirts, designed after receiving positive feedback on the fist concept from peers all across the globe.

  • War Begins Where Reason Ends

    A complete marketing package, including physical CD artwork, press releases, posters and fliers as well as a teaser and post-launch website.

    MPC 3000 Limited Edition T-Shirt

    Dedicated to music producers practicing the artform of beatmaking worldwide and in appreciation of the legendary Akai MPC 2000 XL.

    Willems Wonderglasses - Packaging

    Meticulous execution for an exclusive product. From logo design, promotional banners and lookbooks to invitation cards, packaging and website design.

  • Creative Approach

    Be inspired, don't rush to perfection and love what you do.

  • Focus Point

    Create something of purpose, beauty and quality.

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