Markus Koellmann

Graphic Design, Creative Direction & Photography

Who am I?

I'm an old-school-guy, who loves roots reggae and 90s Hip-Hop, graffiti and architecture. Graphic novels and great movies inspire me and I'm cool, working with a team of like-minded creatives. My work has grown from traditional media to digital platforms, media strategies as well as photography and a bunch of other fresh skills. Need some stuff? - hook me up!


Logo Concept + Design

I've had a blast, providing clients in various industries with unique concepts and logos. You might need one, too.

Layout + Illustration

I eat ilustrations and layouts for all kinds of print and digital media for breakfast - more or less.

Web Design

I speak HTML & CSS fluently ... so don't let me go all style="text-transform:uppercase" ON YOU.


You want your publication on a Kindle, on iBooks or any other reader? - No problemo! I'll make it happen.


Equipped with a bunch of lovely lenses and a good eye, I'm up for fashion, architecture, landscapes and more.


Whether DC or Marvel, kids stuff or graphic novels - I'll make your heros speak up with more than Comic Sans.

  • Stuttgart T-Shirt

    Once again it's on ... and this time it's the beautiful City of Stuttgart, birthplace of German Hip-Hop, home of fresh Graffit and more being represented.


    An endless illustrative pattern that formed the basis for limited pieces of exlusive interior artworks and clothing fabric, inspired by the beauty of African Chitenges.


    Pixelated Typography designed from scratch and dedicated to all nerds, lovers of Cubism, Space Invaders, Tetris and Geeks like me. Free for personal and commercial use.

  • Uhuru Railway

    Inspired by the beauty of nature captured on an adventurous journey on the TAZARA Train, complemented with a neat brand identity as well as web and social media presence.

    Politiks - Symphony Vol. 3

    Marking the third installment of Politiks' Symphony Series, complemented with a tailored marketing plan for pre- and post-launch including photography and cover design.

    Silas Zephania Logo

    London-based Hip-Hop artist Silas Zephania was provided with a fresh logo which serves as his personal mark and is featured on the recently launched clothing brand.

  • Monochrome in Zambia

    Zambian B&W Photography Project - designed, launched in 2014, executed and maintained @ and on various social media platforms.

    MPC 3000 Limited Edition T-Shirt

    Dedicated to music producers practicing the artform of beatmaking worldwide and in appreciation of the legendary Akai MPC 2000 XL.

    Willems Wonderglasses - Packaging

    Meticulous execution for an exclusive product. From logo design, promotional banners and lookbooks to invitation cards, packaging and website design.

That's Me